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Ambit Energy Consultants have been offering Electricity services for over a decade.
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Ambit Energy Consultants are here to offer you Electricity services!
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What Makes Us Unique?

Ambit Energy Consultants are committed to providing Ambit customers with a quick and easy set up for Electricity services. If you are looking for an honest explanation of rates and charges, Ambit Energy Consultants are here to help! We pride ourselves on integrity and will always tell you the best option for your situation, even if it means you should stay with your current provider. In most cases we offer the best price electricity services. Through our "Free Energy" program, you can get your electricity supply completely free if maintain 15 qualified customers! For Electricity services, call Ambit Energy Consultants at 888-890-2727 now!

Electricity Services

In 2002, electricity deregulation occurred in Texas, which has given you as a consumer, the right to decide who you purchase your electricity services from. There are multiple choices for your Electricity needs. With over 1 million customers in the United States, Ambit Energy has become the leading Electricity. We offer Electricity services and remain the only provider to include a "Free Energy" program (must maintain 15 qualified customers) for Ambit consumers. Ambit Energy offers award winning customer service, mobile accessibility to your account and the lowest deposits available while receiving Electricity services. If you are looking for Electricity services, Ambit Energy Consultants are here to help!

Gibson & Erica Luuga

Your Ambit Energy Consultants Team

Our team is comprised of highly trained Ambit Energy Consultants, led by executive leaders with vast experience and knowledge of the Texas electricity market. We have helped over 6,000 customers in the great State of Texas to gain a better understanding of their electricity costs and choose the best priced plan for their family�s electricity needs. Ambit Energy Consultants understand that budgets are tight and every penny counts; that�s why we do our very best to get Ambit customers the best priced Electricity services. We are here to guide you through your set up with transparency and personal connection that you can trust.

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Free Energy Program

As an Ambit Energy customer you are given a unique opportunity to get the supply of your electricity services completely FREE! *If you maintain 15 qualified customers.

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